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Adopting a kitten - the process explained

We operate a waiting list system for all our kittens, to ensure we only breed our Queens when there is demand for kittens, reducing the risk of our precious babies reaching 13 weeks of age and not having found their forever family.

  Our kittens are very popular; we were one of the first UK breeders to raise their kittens underfoot in the home and are renowned for our expertly socialised, 'bombproof' kittens.  Therefore, joining our waiting list recommended to ensure you don't miss out on your perfect kitten.

Please see below for the answers to our most commonly asked questions:

How can I secure my place on the waiting list?


To join our waiting list, we ask that you first submit our kitten questionnaire and deposit agreement (below). 


We will then review your application and contact you to arrange payment of the £100 waiting list deposit; once this has been received, we will send you a deposit receipt via email and add you to our waiting list.

How long will I have to wait to choose my kitten?

This all depends on what type of kitten you are waiting for (colour, pattern, gender, etc), and how many people ahead of you on the waiting list are waiting for the same type of kitten; people with the least restrictive preferences usually end up being able to choose a kitten more quickly because most of the time, people are waiting for a specific set of parents that they like, or a specific colour or pattern.


Once you are on the waiting list, you are free to bypass as many litters as you like until you find the kitten(s) that you prefer. 

 You will not lose your place on the list, you will only move further up the list as others ahead of you choose their kitten.


If you are waiting for a future litter that is not yet born, please bear in mind that there is a two month gestation period after a successful mating, followed by 3 months where the kitten is being raised by his/her mother, so you are looking at a minimum of 5 months before you will be taking your kitten home.


The average person goes on our wait list 6 months to 1 year prior to choosing their kitten so there will more than likely be a fairly lengthy wait before you are able to take your kitten home, but please be assured that your new kitten will be very much worth the wait and we'll keep you updated at all times!



How do I ensure that I get the kitten that I want?


When a litter is born and we come to your name on the list, we will contact you by email to let you know that you may choose a kitten from the current litter.  We can then make a provisional reservation for you.


Once the litter reaches 3-4 weeks of age, they will have developed their individual personalities and be starting to look more like 'little cats'. At this point, we will contact everyone on the waiting list again to ensure they are still happy with their choice of kitten.


If you are happy with your choice, a formal, non-refundable reservation deposit of £400 is due (to be paid within 24 hours) to finalise the reservation of your chosen kitten and we will ask you to sign our purchase contract. 


The final balance owing on the kitten is due on or before the kitten's 9 week birthday. 


We will advise you of this date at the time you pay your formal reservation deposit and also send a reminder to you at around the 8 week mark, to give you time to arrange for the final instalment to be paid in plenty of time before your kitten goes for his or her early spay/neuter and last set of vaccines.


If you are unable to pay the final instalment within the required time period, please let us know.

We will either make arrangements to allow you more time, or you may choose to allow us to offer the kitten to others on the waiting list, leaving you free to choose a kitten at a time more convenient for you.


Please note: we are unable to offer any refund of monies paid if you are unable to take your kitten home for reasons beyond our control (financial reasons, house move, etc.). In these circumstances, we may choose to allow you to stay on the waiting list for a future litter, however your purchase contract with us will be deemed null and void, therefore your deposit and all payments made so far will be forfeited.

By paying the waiting list deposit, you agree to all our terms and conditions.



How much do you charge for your kittens?


Our pet kittens are priced from £1395; individual pricing depends on rarity of colour, clarity of pattern, how close the kitten is to the breed standard, whether they are deemed 'show quality' and so on, but most kittens' prices will fall around the £1395-£1500 mark.


We understand that there are some breeders out there who are able to sell their kittens for a little less than us (and many other highly reputable breeders) and this is due to two factors: 


1) They put less expense into each kitten than we do, so they are able to transfer that to you in immediate savings as you will be taking care of that at your own expense (typically spaying/neutering, second vaccines/health check, and other health testing/care).


2) The quality of breeding cats used and kittens produced. Our breeding cats have been selectively brought in from the most highly respected catteries from around the world and most of our breeding Queens and Studs have Champions, International Champions, Grand International Champions and even Quadruple Grand International Champions making up the first two generations of their pedigrees.

  We carry out extensive health testing on all our cats before we breed from them, including HCM testing before breeding for the first time and annually thereafter.  HCM scanning is carried out at a specialist board-certified Cardiology clinic and costs £300 per cat, plus travel to the clinic's location (we usually use Cheshire Cardiology) so as you can see, this is a costly but necessary exercise to ensure we are producing the healthiest possible Bengal kittens.


We put a lot of care and dedication into producing the very best Bengals possible - we aren't breeding to make a profit (there is very little "profit" in this hobby when it's done right, as literally 80% or more from the sale of our kittens goes straight back into running the cattery, buying in new breeding cats, providing only the best diet and caring properly for all our animals).


 We believe that we are very fair in the pricing of our beautiful kittens, especially when you consider that they are produced from some of the best quality championship bloodlines from throughout Europe, the USA and Canada. 


We will NEVER buy a breeding cat that carries the pk def or pra-b gene and we endeavour to HCM screen all our breeding cats as soon as possible after they arrive with us, as well as on an annual basis thereafter.


We also regularly send samples for faecal pcr testing to ensure that our breeding cats are free of intestinal parasites and blood type all our cats to protect our kittens from Neonatal Isoerythrolysis; which is a fatal disorder in kittens, caused when a female cat is bred to a male of a differing blood type ( a 'b' Queen, to an 'a' Tom, for example - a percentage of the kittens resulting from this mating would absorb anti-a antibodies from their mother whilst suckling during the first 24 hours of life and these anti-a antibodies would attack the kittens' immune system, causing jaundice and death within the first week of life).


Added to the above, the hours of time and energy that go into raising them in our family home for a full 13 weeks, not to mention the vet care they receive before leaving us (spay/neuter, two sets of vaccinations, microchip, health check, flea and worm preventative treatments), the extensive health testing of all of our adult breeding cats and a lifetime of support. 


Not all breeders include these in the price of their kittens, so always ask before simply looking at the price of the kitten. 


In addition to the vet care and health checks, we provide regular photo & video updates and a generous kitten care pack to take home with your kitten including a weeks' worth of food, toys, litter and treats to help your new baby settle into his or her new home.


When can I come to visit my kitten(s)?


Without exception we do not allow visitors until after the kittens have recovered from their first set of vaccinations at 9 weeks of age. 

 This is to ensure that the kittens are not exposed to any outside parasites or infectious illnesses that may come in on visitor's shoes, clothing and hands. Be wary of a breeder who allows visits before the age of 9 weeks, as neonate kittens are extremely susceptible to illness and many cats carry coronavirus, calicivirus, giardia and even fleas, which can all be transmitted via clothing or are airborne in nature.


When can I bring my kitten home?


Your kitten will be able to go home with you a few days after he/she has had their last set of vaccinations and neuter/spay surgery (usually by 13-14 weeks of age, depending on their weight).


If I need help or have any questions when I get my kitten(s) home, what should I do?


We pride ourselves on providing lifetime support for each kitten that leaves us. You are welcome to contact us at any time with any questions, however big or small they may be. 


 In fact, we encourage our clients to stay in touch with us over the years so that we can see the kitten as it grows up - photos are always welcomed! :)


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