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Our Kings (stud boys)
Meet the men in our lives...

SerendipityUK Marley

Marley is our stunning home-bred stud for 2024.


 He is Silver Charcoal carrying Sepia Snow, with the most unique clouded rosetting we have ever produced.


Added to his unique markings, he has the tightest, shortest pelt we have ever felt on a Bengal; let alone bred, a lovely muscular build, large, perfectly shaped almost-round green eyes with lots of eye liner, a chunky tail, strong muzzle, puffy whiskerpads and broad nose with beautifully puffy nose leather - all highly rated traits according to the TICA breed standard and we're excited to show Marley this year.

* Exciting news - our very first litter sired by Marley has arrived - please click here to see them! 

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