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Available and upcoming litters

SerendipityUK Marley x Stelmaria Mulberry

D.o.b 9th May 2024

Our Seal Mink Queen Mulberry gave birth to 3 bouncing baby kittens on 9th may 2024.

 Mulberry has taken to motherhood really well and all three babies are thriving!


We are keeping one girl under evaluation for our breeding programme so for now, we have one boy and one girl available for reservation:

Red Collar Girl - available



Miss Red is a beautiful, show-quality, glittered Brown Rosetted Bengal kitten. 

She has stunning golden, nocturnal eyes surrounded by thick, black eyeliner, spotted paws, puffy whisker pads, a beautifully placed, wide nose with puffy nose leather, dark double necklace markings, beautifully clear scarab markings on the side of her head, lovely almost symmetrical rosettes on a sandy-coloured base coat and a short, tight pelt.

As well as being a little stunner, she has an incredible personality; the perfect mix of crazy Bengal kitten; running from room to room and climbing anything she can, but also happy to sit for a cuddle and makes a beeline for the humans whenever she sees us :)

Please contact us for more photos and videos of this little lady, or to reserve her until she is ready to leave us in early August.

Pet price: £1200 (a deposit of £200 will reserve her until she is ready to leave us)

Yellow Collar Boy - Available


The only boy of the litter - this boy is an absolute dreamboat!

He is a glittered Brown Rosetted Bengal kitten, with beautiful wild-looking, arrowhead rosettes.


His eyes are green and he really is a handsome boy, with an attractive face, slightly rounded ear tips, puffy whisker pads, a chunky tail tapered at the end, lots of glitter and beautiful horizontal flow to his rosettes.

He is the liveliest of the litter, quite often found with a puffed-up tail, crab walking towards anyone and anything to try and get them to play chase!

Pet price - £1200 (a deposit of £200 will reserve him until he is ready to leave us).

Grey collar girl - under evaluation


We currently have this girl under evaluation for our breeding programme.

This beautiful Brown Charcoal girl is the only Charcoal of the litter.

She is the spitting image of her Daddy Marley, with large, nocturnal eyes that look like they are turning gold, a wide nose bridge, strong chin, prominent knuckles, a chunky tail that is nicely tapered and rounded at the end, beautiful horizontal flow to her rosettes and nicely placed ears that are rounded at the tips and slightly cupped.

She is the quietest of the litter, but does enjoy a mad few minutes every so often throughout the day and her favourite toy is the feather wand, which she is very protective of!

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